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Our Services

We offer Development Services to develop applications & services based on ::

  • SMS, MMS : SMS ,MMS based Micro marketing

  • Ticket Booking : For cinemas, bus ticket booking, Train ticket booking etc .

  • VAS : IMS , Voice mail, RTSP applications (voice and Date)

  • CRM : SMS Alerting , SMS Reminder applications.

  • Bluetooth Solution : Blue tooth chatting, marketing applications

  • LBS and Navigation system: Vehicle Navigation system, Asset tracking application. Time and Location based services.

  • Example :: Chapmap Payment Gateway, M commerce, EDGE, GPRS, HSD, 3G & 4G based Applications, Streaming Audio and Video , video chat applications. SMSC gateway. Cinema ticket booking Bill payments.

Applications based on Telecom protocols ::
VOIP applications, Applications on protocols such as SIP,H323,RTP, RTCP, SS7, Asterisk PABX based applications, UMTS, Wimax, Wifi. Mobile Applications on which we have initiated R&D work. Mobile Applications which have demand thought the world On demand services. News on demand.,Mini news articles , Push newspaper and magazines, Sports / events videos , clips on demand, stock updates, Weather updates etc Stock verification /inventory management application on hand held devices.


WWW, IP TV, Text, picture and Video messaging, multimedia messaging, Post card, Greeting cards, snapshots, .Video conferencing .Internet services. movie trailers, full movies Social / official networking applications. Group broadcasting Sharing videos, pictures, music. Games Down loads.


advertising, classifieds, mail managers SMS managers. .Document managers.Contact manager. Chatting applications with animations. search engines, Browsers. Personalization applications (ring tone, screen saver, desk top), jukebox, virtual companion / pet , time tables


Online libraries, search engines, remote attendance, field research

Emergency alerts

Accident ( 911 ), Security applications. Security alerts from home, vehicles office etc( theft unauthorized entry).
Business and Work:
Rich call with image and data stream, IP telephony, B2B ordering and logistics, information exchange, personal information manager, dairy, scheduler, note pad, 2-way video conferencing, directory services, travel assistance, work group, telepresence, FTP, instant voicemail, colour fax ...

News, stock market, sports, games, lottery, gambling, music, video, concerts, adult content.
M-commerce , E-commerce, e-cash, e-wallet, credit card, automatic transaction, auction, micro-billing on shopping, online banking/ telebanking
E-ticketing, bookings for air tickets, train, bus. .traffic updates, airtarffic updates, train and Bus updates.( at bus stations, airports, Railway stations).

Travel and Event management Applications. Location sensitive information and guidance, GPS enabled maps with contacts and location based services. e-tour, location awareness, Building walk through. Exhibition centres walkthroughs. Sports complex /social events walkthrough. Supermarket/ shopping mall/ walkthroughs.

TV, radio, PC, access to remote computer, MP3 player, camera, video camera, watch, pager, GPS, remote control unit ...

Applications for police and traffic cops on the field for verification of credentials. Applications for frontline defense personnel. Applications for Bus conductors / train TT pass verification. Live information Audio/Video transmission application from the battle field tanks to ground stations.

Telemedicine, remote diagnose and heath monitoring, Medical applications between ambulance and Hospital.
Peace of Mind:
Video surveillance / Remote surveillance, location tracking of luggage, pets, kids, friends, partner etc, Speak SMS.
Home automation, traffic telematics, factory automation , machine-machine communication (telemetry) Commercial Applications POS, Petrol Bunk applications, Super market / Shopping mall any purchase.