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Embedded Systems

Design and development of embedded systems for:


• Telecom and VOIP / video conferencing applications.
• Video conferencing applications for mobiles and handheld devices.
• Industrial Applications.
• Defence applications.
• Realtime systems based on RTOS,RTlinux , Embedded linux etc.
• Remote sensing and launch pad electronics.

Company Skills


Following list highlights a few areas in which we have enough experience and have successfully delivered various products.

Wireless Connectivity protocols and development.

WiFi, Zigbee,XBEE, Cellular IOT, Z-Wave ,Smart(BLE), Bluetooth, THREAD, Proximity RF , RFID, NFC, GPRS, EDGE, HSUPA, LTE, ANT+ , Cognitive Radio


years of experience in architecting and implementing large scale, High availability Realtime , high throughput information systems

• Expertise in modern Enterprise Architecture multi-Tier architecture
• Relational MySQL, Postgress, Oracle or JDBC, no-SQL ,MongoDB, Cassandra, Neo4j etc Data bases.
• Strong in Java and modern scripting languages and environments nodeJS, Python, Groovy etc.
• M2M/IOT Protocols like MQTT, COAP, LW-M2M , LORA .
• Development of WebServicess RESTful , working with SOAP , WSDL, etc
• integration with ERP/BPM systems
• CEP engines like ESPER
• Messaging Queuing Protocols like (ActiveMQ) and messaging products like Kafka
• Cloud IAAS/PAAS platforms.


Embedded Systems, Device Drivers, Bluetooth, Avionics, Automotive embedded systems, Security, RTOS porting, VOIP, Telecom, RFID.

Hardware design.

PCI Add-ON card designing, IP phone design and developments. IVR systems design and developments.

Processors and Boards:

MIPS, Strong ARM 1100, Octeon ( MIPS cores ), Ten-Silica processor cores. MIPS Power PC boards, Texas Instruments PPC boards. Portwell Boards, VIA processor based board, Sensory Acceleration cards, Nexcom boards, NMS cards


SS7 stack, SIP , H323, Networking protocols, Audio & Video protocols, Asterisk PABX, SMSC gateway

Operating System:

Linux, Windows, WinCE, Windows Mobile.

Embedded OS:

MicroOs, VxWorks, Linux BSPs , RTLinux, KURT Linux, Symbian

Device Drivers:

Windows, Linux DD, PCI Device driver, USB device drivers, etc

Languages and development environments:

C, C++, C#, Java , HTML, Assembly language , and inline assembly languages programming, VC++

Design and development of Digital Interfaces using:

CAN, SPI, IOM2, PCM ,GPIO ,I2C,CAN PARALLEL Port etc, Microcontroller programming , microcontroller based circuit and System Designing ,ASIC based circuit and System Designing, Electronic circuit designing , Design and development of Digital Interface circuits

PCB Design, Assembly , Prototyping and complete product development.

Apart from the above we are confident that we can venture into any new domain if necessary.